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Supporting the work of professionals in the field

In its coordinating role, the NHPCC fosters collaboration among stakeholders from the regional hemophilia networks, hemophilia treatment centers, government funding partners, and other members of the bleeding disorders community.
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Regional Hemophilia Networks

The NHPCC serves as a bridge among the 8 regional hemophilia networks throughout the U.S. and its territories. Explore the regions:

What we do for professionals

Facilitate communication among collaborating partners

The NHPCC facilitates regular communication through in-person and virtual meetings and phone and email correspondence that allows NHPCC staff and Regional Leadership to discuss important topics, identify and support regional priorities, and build upon their long-standing collaborative relationships.


The NHPCC hosts a monthly teleconference with the project officer of the HRSA’s National Hemophilia Program to share updates on federal reporting requirements, policy and personnel changes, Healthy People measures, and other critical issues pertinent to both the NHPCC and regional hemophilia network cooperative agreements.

Report on federal grant deliverables

The NHPCC serves as the reporting body for federal grant deliverables that address national health priorities.

Promote quality improvement initiatives

The NHPCC’s national quality improvement (QI) program encourages regional hemophilia networks and HTCs to include patients and families in their QI efforts. Together, we’re making real progress on:

  • Access to care
  • Transition of care
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Patient engagement
  • New staff training materials

Visit the NHPCC Reference Hub to access the full range of materials we’ve developed and supported.

Visit About Us to learn more about NHPCC goals and activities.

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